martedì 3 ottobre 2017


OTTAVEN - sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali #2 (C30) : portion of a large collection of recordings and sound sessions recorded in Palermo / Italy (pre-announced in six episodes), this tape features two moments of noise-electronic minimalism with a strong and inspired focus on shifting pulses and low frequencies..
Ottaven is the long-standing solo project of Giovanni Donadin (aka Canedicoda) already active in the music scene for over a decade in several projects and bands like With Love, Magic Towers, LagoMorto, Nastro Mortal and more ...
Fluo-green tape and silk-screened case, limited to 51 copies.


MELTING MIND - oblivion (C60) : this obscure project is kinda of total absurd impro radioectomy of tape machines, tape loops and average experimental sounds! Buzzling springs of watered clarinets, gurgling Farfisa lines, and other unrecognizable ones clang and melt in two rumbling sessions....
personnel // Matteo Poggi, Virginia Genta, David Vanzan, Gabriele Gotini, and Michele Mazzani
(Gelba+Jooklo Duo+Videobasic !!)
Limited to 66 copies,, silkscreened tapes (mostly Chrome, Cobalt, Uniaxial, Type II), and one insert included.


TAPE LOOP EXTRAVAGANTIA /  an introduction to tape loops: one tape to mangle + a silk-screened inlay purchases instructions to up to three different tape loops!