sabato 22 aprile 2017

lonktaar N/J

SCARNANZA - issue#15 (zine) : a new special one... It's conceived as a old' days fanzine. with musical reviews ( dungeon synth, basic synth music, and noise stuff...), collages made out of  '80 classical GameBook illustrations, and a very special interview with the guy behind black/ambient project SLOWMANTRA (ita)!
Flesh eating papers and lurid collages are obviously intermingled in between, sardonic statements ever lasting...
Purple cardboard cover , handnumbered edition of 25 + some b/w bootleg copies exists too....

venerdì 7 aprile 2017

lonktaar S/5


GELBA - Electric hiking thru the deep valley of sonic madness (box / 3x C-90 + 3x C-60) : a massive collection of Gelba recordings, rehearsals and live gigs from 2010 to almost nowadays...this is a monster re-press of a cassette (every copy was unique) originally released on swollen avantgarde,..It features a booklet with all the infos you need , a map insert and some strange stuff all included in a recycled tape box with silkscreened to 10 copies.