sabato 8 ottobre 2016


MATAR DOLORES - in pieces (C-46) : distant and smokey drones and dirty electronics conjuration coming from spooky field recordings, analog equipment and cassette four-tracks..
this flamboyant duo from Naples, comprising of Giuseppe Esposito (Archivio Diafonico) and Francesco Tignola (Joy de Vivre, Elisha Morningstar), is truly one of most active and interesting acts from the post-and -in-between-industrial noise scene in Italy nowadays.
Edition of 30 copies, includes an insert and black on dark blue cardboard art.


LES LAPLACIENS - Yopparai ナイト Adventures (floppy+photo): A story of a drunk man who got lost in Akihabara taking garbage photos and doing some intense field to 17 copies, each is unique!