lunedì 18 luglio 2016


DONA FERENTES - tetracordia (C-12 + photo): whispered voices, desolated drones.. it came from the most hidden self...I decided to fix things like this more in the future, and will probably continue with this format: short recycled tapes and a dedicated analog photo ( in this case, a very low profile camera was used)...only 12 copies here!
Includes also a numbered insert, black sprayed recycled tape.

giovedì 7 luglio 2016

lonktaar N/H

SCARNANZA - issue #14 (zine): Scarnanza has been around for almost 8 years since, it's time for another collective issue...
Here is a 36-pages new fanzine with drawings, pics and collages by various new and old enthusiasts and contributors: Matteo Biserna, Le Nevralgie Costanti, Daniele Pezzi, Matteo Bertaccini, Alex de Zan, and Bisso!!
+ obviously in between the lines... fucked up faces of shit, new generations of dirty hypnotized iphoners, a well-driven panorama on nowaday Kali Yuga...
30 copies + silver-sprayed stanciled cover on brown (10) and yellow (20) cardboards.


ODAL - fucked up mystery (C90) : weirdest electronic junk madness + ridicolous lenghty tape running (over 90 min)....Odal is one of the most ancient noise project coming out from the Nederlands and his mastermind , Peter Zincken, is dumped into dutch noise headquarters since the early '80 (he has also played for years into his other punk-noise outfit Fckn Bstrds!, now on hiatus..)
Bleeping electronics collide with flavored poltergeists of sounds, flamboyant cuttings, and intricacy of detailing. Joyfull alienating stuff!!
32 numbered copies, sprayed tapes and insert included.