mercoledì 1 novembre 2023



NUITAR - ossido gamma ferrico (C60): it's been more than a decade since me and Dario Boldrini started to play music together, sharing a passion both for industrial ,electronic and futuristic music! After the demise of our first effort (Instruments Vivants) circa 2016 we though continued to stay in touch and occasionally still rehearsing...Tons of hours of impro sessions and long psychedelic journeys were eventually recorded, but still no name to the project....

This is the first cassette with this new monicker Nuitar ( which simply means "us" in Romagnolo dialect),  a collection of scattered tracks and some more-lenghty pieces of sludgy electronics and droning machines, filtered and processed tape loops whispers, lonely voices in the dark....

Limited to 54 copies, includes a b/w insert.



SFULMINI / SYSTIMOK - ta le tane su la mont (C60): another holy chapter in the on-going Crinal Sessions, the ultimate wedding between playing music in the forest and hiking throung the mountains...

Last year 2022s  goal was to reach the top of Ombladet peak (in the Carnic Alps), where the hydrid drone-banding entity Systimok (systemet /aka e. luciano+ imok /aka d.comisini)  played the since-now highest gig in the CS chronicle .../phase II the brigade descended to Casera Monte dei Buoi for the night, eventually attending another immersive show by electronica wizards Sfulmini and a midnight momento by the great great weird 1000 volte Gatto! Sick!

Beatifully packaged recycled tape limited to 44 copies, and includes also a sticker courtesy of 1000VG!

Co-released as always with Coda fanzine!

domenica 11 dicembre 2022



lonktaarW/W - MELTING MIND - n° 1 / 2022 ('zine) : --------------------------------------------------
on this issue : ---A.Trapani------I. Ventura-------G Gotini------M Mazzani--------Dj Fammi vedere-
--------L Leonetti------R Mar-----V Genta------C. Carosi-----J. Sauvage--------E. Banzola -----------
--A. M. Simoniello------L Nomisake------B Nace--------E. Gonzalez------T Vitahuta------------more...
48 pages
111 copies . Co-released wt / Troglosound
Keep it smiling!



lonktaar76 - BEAR BONES, LAY LOW - extanoc II :festering spawn (C46) :.. and when the dark clouds were blinking from beyond the grave, listening to these 6 pieces by E. Gonzalez was great to evade from a world of fuck... this sort of blend of clever electronics, buzzlings bleeps and sporty rawness made me think of a hidden world of deformed nuts ,, dumb prophetes,and bizzarre animal incarnations .True therapy of mesmerism against the celluloid-gazing alienated fancy crowd.

Limited edition // 44 copies . Red case puzzled-out b/w cover art and it includes also an info sheet...


 lonktaarR20 - STOSSAVIA - dozzinale (C-12) : the return of the good old Tape/Photo format! It Sounds like squirting on tabloid pages! Three really different tracks of slimy fields recordings and noise, appearently focusing on teen's fantasies and lost italian dialect words!

Limited to 19 copies, recycled stickered tapes, includes a folded insert and a photo from the Unknown...



sabato 3 settembre 2022



lonktaarCS002 - CRINAL (winter) SESSIONS - Dahaka / Stossavia (cdr) : in the middle of winter 2021  a bunch of hikers reached a lonely cabin in the Apennines to attend an impro music gig: Stossavia arranged a sort of minimal electro-acoustic live set at the door of the cabin, then Dahaka occupied it and played onthe table a set of intense klang-machines and found objects and sounds...

Co-released with Coda and limited to 44 copies.



lonktaarCR001 - CRINAL SESSIONS - Minatori In Oratorio (C74 + C90 boxset): extensive collection of live sessions documenting the Crinal Sessions of 2021. Annus Horribilis, even if there have been great chances for some live actions in between nature and other amenities ...

silvestri wine bars in the Euganean hills: ADZ - Bound & Sound - Melting Mind
downtuned drinks in the old village of Palaveggio: Slurpacciosi - Videobasic - Filippo Giuffrè

Includes a sticker and a numbered insert.
Co-released with Coda and limited to 30 copies.