mercoledì 11 dicembre 2019


SCARNANZA  issue #17  (zine):  ebony cobalt sparks, vinyl perchlorate reduced to ashes, tracherous beggars, silly music billboards , and other repulsive shoulders to the fancy celebrities.
Some pages feature old SC****ZA themes set in a new cut-paste context, some others address the careful and clever reader to some lonely and incredible places in the Alps!
30+ pages. Edition of 28.

mercoledì 11 settembre 2019


Borders Of Romagna - Sasso di San Zenobi (3"): just one track of deep electronics, distant odd piano melodies, and ethereal drones. Most of the field recs were recorded on top of a big ancient volcanic peak in between Tuscany and Romagna, then they were re-processed at home during a stunning synth/piano session in Poggiolo Studios / Imola  in early 2019.
Edition of 33 copies .


SYSTEMET - Nar Vintern Kommer Till Sverige (C60): obscure project a tape of harsh industrial and noise thunders straight from the core of some home-made synthesizers, creating  unique eerie and frenzied stuff. Recorded in Stockholm  in a 3days-and-nights-long session, the aim was to recreate the atmosphere of the nordic winter...  
Limited to 45 with two photocopied inserts.

martedì 14 maggio 2019


PHILIPPE CAVALERI - untitled (C50) : as part of the mighty Bruital Orgasme, Philippe has always been busy with distorted and frenzy sounds and odd frequencies. This tape is more quiet evocative and field recs- based material mixed with spoken words and silence, goofy stories and hallucinating themes. Co-reelased with swollen avantgarde, and limited to 41 copies.

lunedì 24 dicembre 2018


SCARNANZA issue #16 (fanzine) - epic issue dedicated to faces again, people trying to become seamstess outsiders,  little villages in Val Mastallone, and so forth etc....
25 copies....


STOSSAVIA - alpine gamelan trains (floppy disk) single track of ripping noise squashed into shreds of sick gamelan percussions, 14 copies embroidered with a b/w recycled package


SFULMINI - aulonia  (C50) - this is a new project between me, Matteo Poggi and Gabriele Gotini (both , respectively part of Gelba and Videobasic) dedicated to soft minimal tape/ scourged synth sounds and to field-recs caught hiking through the rocky slopes of the Dolomites...
This new tape contains the first 6 tracks recorded with this new monicker, acrylic-painted art, sprayed tapes limited to 35 copies! Co-released with swollen avantgarde!