lunedì 24 dicembre 2018


SCARNANZA issue #16 (fanzine) - epic issue dedicated to faces again, people trying to become seamstess outsiders,  little villages in Val Mastallone, and so forth etc....
25 copies....


STOSSAVIA - alpine gamelan trains (floppy disk) single track of ripping noise squashed into shreds of sick gamelan percussions, 14 copies embroidered with a b/w recycled package


SFULMINI \\\\\\\ tape?cdr? who knows? - this is a new project between me, Matteo Poggi and Gabriele Gotini (both , respectively part of Gelba and Videobasic) dedicated to soft minimal tape/ scourged synth sounds and to field-recs caught hiking through the rocky slopes of the Dolomites...
This has been freezed and to be released shortly after the end of the year


DONA FERENTES - katasterismòs (3") one single track of piano tape loops and ambient synth waves, imagine a late night cocktail with a girl who lurks deep intensively into your eyes...
29 copies , recycled paper envelope

venerdì 29 giugno 2018


MOLESTIA AURICULARUM - non abbiamo un solo istante che ci sia comune (C30):  insane tape music, echoes of earthquakes and analog subharmonics, utterly dense paths to the infinite... M | A is the solo prject of Federico Trimeri (KZ9, Storm(O), balancing harsh noise moments and  four tracks experiments with field recordings 
Edition of 36 copies, xtensive black cardboard envelope + inserts


FUC LERRARI :- untitled (C46): coming out from some lonely plaxw  somewhere in France, this wonderful solo prject is fresh and freeezing at the same time; dubstep-like liquified rhythms acid tape loops and drones, sounds from the streets...sad Lo-fi music.
Edition of 40 copies. marbled and hand-stamped art by C-Luet.

martedì 13 marzo 2018


- cLOUD BACCHANALIA (C90) : a 5-ways split cassette commemorates the upcoming tour of March 2018: almost 90 minutes of drilling frequencies, crazy detuned tape loops, synths, static noise madness...
Everyone of the projects involved was asked for some last-minute unreleased tracks to compile this sonic portrait, which is delivered exclusively on the tour gigs.
Residual copies go to the artists and their friends!
I think not so many will last!

Co-released with BissoMultimedia, Dokuro, and Toxic Ind. in an edition of 60 copies!