lunedì 27 novembre 2017


LES LAPLACIENS - 1997 (floppy disk) : release celebrating twenty years of recordings and sound discoveries. A collage of fragments extracted from some cassettes recorded in 1997. A testimony of a time when everything seemed more beautiful and simpler.
The photos show places and objects never forgotten, protagonists of the sound travels created at the time. Taken in 2017 with Game Boy Camera, printed with Game Boy Printer and photocopied.
20 copies, each is unique.


DEPRAVED SENSITIVITY - untitled (C18) : another eerie tape of demented noise solo; one side is cut-and-paste from deranged internet sources, and outrageous noises mocking sordid italian magazines and ripped radio tunes...side B is lo-fi crackling noises coming from an exhausted computer, tapes and contact mics... Another piece of nothing coming from the soul of the driest marshes here around....
Edition of 30, recycled sprayed tapes...