domenica 20 settembre 2020



VIDEOBASIC - amico bit (C20) : the return of the crippled analog tamagotchizz! Influenced by old ZX Spectrum videogames and exhausted reel-to-reel machines , this new tape is comprinsing of two tracks (one each side) very pummeling and funny at the same time. Artwork and insert engraved by C-Luet.
edition of 36 copies , mostly are recycled ZX spectrum / C64 computapes .



Old prints and sounds #1 - NATURALISMO - LES LAPLACIENS - STOSSAVIA : 3-ways-split between three different italian experimental music sensations: grim majestic ambient , obscure field recordings drenched into voids of noisy electronics..
They are matched with old '50 original japanese photos grabbed somewhere by Bisso (les laplaciens) and other old stamps and pics, each copy is different....
20 copies --------> 3" cd normal edition
10 copies --------> 3 X floppy disks special edition

mercoledì 11 dicembre 2019


SCARNANZA  issue #17  (zine):  ebony cobalt sparks, vinyl perchlorate reduced to ashes, tracherous beggars, silly music billboards , and other repulsive shoulders to the fancy celebrities.
Some pages feature old SC****ZA themes set in a new cut-paste context, some others address the careful and clever reader to some lonely and incredible places in the Alps!
30+ pages. Edition of 28.

mercoledì 11 settembre 2019


Borders Of Romagna - Sasso di San Zenobi (3"): just one track of deep electronics, distant odd piano melodies, and ethereal drones. Most of the field recs were recorded on top of a big ancient volcanic peak in between Tuscany and Romagna, then they were re-processed at home during a stunning synth/piano session in Poggiolo Studios / Imola  in early 2019.
Edition of 33 copies .


SYSTEMET - Nar Vintern Kommer Till Sverige (C60): obscure project a tape of harsh industrial and noise thunders straight from the core of some home-made synthesizers, creating  unique eerie and frenzied stuff. Recorded in Stockholm  in a 3days-and-nights-long session, the aim was to recreate the atmosphere of the nordic winter...  
Limited to 45 with two photocopied inserts.

martedì 14 maggio 2019


PHILIPPE CAVALERI - untitled (C50) : as part of the mighty Bruital Orgasme, Philippe has always been busy with distorted and frenzy sounds and odd frequencies. This tape is more quiet evocative and field recs- based material mixed with spoken words and silence, goofy stories and hallucinating themes. Co-reelased with swollen avantgarde, and limited to 41 copies.

lunedì 24 dicembre 2018


SCARNANZA issue #16 (fanzine) - epic issue dedicated to faces again, people trying to become seamstess outsiders,  little villages in Val Mastallone, and so forth etc....
25 copies....