venerdì 12 dicembre 2014


ANAKOR / DONA FERENTES / DAVIDE TIDONI - split (C20): this is a weird display of musical anarchism...Anakor is Bagli Damiano' s solo, and his set is comprised of venomous lo-fi pitched frequencies and hallucinatory electronics; Davide Tidoni 's work focuses on spatialization of concrete sounds and studies on field recordings capture: here you find some funny fields he had taken a ton of years ago (1999) while on vacation with friends...and ultimately, a Dona Ferentes adventure: Davide sent to me some field recs he took while we were living together in the same house, and i worked on them, feeling hate and love about human condition... Edition of 21 copies, includes an errata corrige, some tapes are full orange, others are transparent with orange stickers...

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