domenica 5 gennaio 2014


TORBA - untitled (3") - After a ton of splits with the likes of Vomir, Luca Sigurtà, Zebra Mu and other fine noisy acts, our Berlin-based friend Mauro Diciocia and his hyper-pitched "harshdrone" project Torba gives us a taste of his always-evolving genius...Last spring we also shared a couple of gigs together here in Italy, and was good to see him working hard behind his mixer. This baby consists of a deep declaration of love for VHS: we got two compositions, originating from Werner Herzog's and Carmelo Bene's VHS samples and loops, which seems to generate a never-explored colorless parallel dimension. Lo-fi rumbling utter emptyness.
25 copies . B/W cover , plastic case and black insert.

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