domenica 5 gennaio 2014


CALIGINE / GELBA - split (C50) : side A is a glorious collection of three guitar/vocals songs by Gabriele De Seta, aka Caligine, a good friend who lives in China , and runs the incredible label Monstresparexcess... these some tracks were recorded in 2012, his deep voice filling some structured harmonic guitar lines... gentle types are not for the let-it-go-go ones...
Other side is another two-tracks-obliteration party by yours truly Gelba: gentle pastoral landscapes being tortured and disfigured by hyper-slowly saturations, then you'll experience some nightmarish field recs degrading into a single Basinski-like final loop...Nihil obstat quominus imprimatur.
33 copies , blue tape into a carboard case + insert.

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