domenica 29 novembre 2015

lonktaar N/Y

BARIMBO MANIACS - issue #1: this delicatesse (by Bisso) is a container of gig reviews, photos, interviews to artist/bands, various images/collage/art & nonsense stuff... This first issue is all about Japan ( and some of its more or less,unconscious ero-perverted imaginery).
Includes also an interview with great Japanese trash metal band Rosenfeld!!
16 pages, b/w A3 format, and every copy will be UNIQUE, because a bonus will be attached on the last page. There could be a gig flier,  manga clippings, some other art directly from the Land of the Rising Sun! Co-release BissoMultimedia/ Lonktaar.. Limited to ??, some copies are here, dntmss...

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