mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015


#campfireSessions - 2013/2014 (2x C-90 + box) At last...this monster is ready to be delivered, guys!
In the latest two years i've been super-busy trying to conciliate my two deeepest passions: music and mountains...
Here you find a full three-hours-long documentation of field recordings taken in some remote places in the Apennines between Arezzo and Forlì, plus two entire (more or less) live gigs in some good bivouacs (performing with Trashsound and Rinus Van Alebeek).
Edition of 20 copies : two tapes , two color photos (every box have a different pair), two folded map inserts to find yourself the places (and visit someday, if you wish..), two more inserts with drawings and credits, and a special decoupage sachet (with painting, stones and flowers...).

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